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Ficta Fabula - A fictitious fable ; a writing experience from me to you.

Hello and welcome to Ficta Fabula, a writing experience from me to you. My name is Christina and I am a fictional writer. My favorite genres to write are high fantasy, young adult fiction, and children's picture books. If you need to get in contact with me please feel free to reach out via email. 

The Story of The Salty Sea

Written By: Christina Byers

A children's picture book that tells the story of how the sea got salty and how one girl and her dog changed the world.

Recommended Ages:

$11.99 - Paperback
$4.99 - Ebook / Kindle

Christina's Current Reads:

"Spark" - John J. Ratey, MD and Eric Hagerman

"The Winter King" - Bernard Cornwell

"The Maddaddam Trilogy" - Margaret Atwood

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